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Should I buy a tablet pc, ipad, netbook, or other?

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superboyac, I came back to this thread to tell you to get an iPad.

I originally told you that if it was me I'd get an Android tablet. But I've since thought about it and realized it isn't me. That is, you didn't ask me what I would get. You asked what you should get. And it seems to me you want an iPad so you should get what you want. :Thmbsup:
-Deozaan (September 08, 2010, 02:23 AM)
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Thanks!  But I still don't think I want it anymore.  The main thing I like about the ipad is that the touchscreen responsiveness is so good.  But I really want a Windows7 machine.  I know it, I won't be happy otherwise.  I'll just wait.  If an emergency comes up, I'll buy another laptop.

Did wraith get an ipad?!  Holy smokes.  Good stuff.

USD35 Tablet for Students

If they could get these to store for US$50 I'm sure they'd sell by the millions.

Hell, I'd buy two or three even though I'd prefer a real notebook.

Did wraith get an ipad?!  Holy smokes.  Good stuff.
-superboyac (September 08, 2010, 08:29 AM)
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Yup.  I find myself using it for casual type stuff like you were talking about doing with whatever device you purchased.  Whenever I need to do more meaty stuff (writing, designing, illustrating), I revert to the tablet.  But knowing that the device will be charged when I pick it up is a *big* advantage.  If I leave the tc1100 off the base, it won't, unless I'm going right back to it.  Other than casual charging (I'm transferring stuff so it's connected to my computer), I haven't charged it since I purchased it last Saturday.  And I still haven't gone below 60% battery.

I just went into my local fry's.  I tried out all the laptops and pc's.  I was not particularly drawn to any of the laptops, just because I know a laptop does everything I need to do in the normal way.  Now, they didn't have any tablets, but they did have some HP Touchsmart all-in-one pc's as well as a couple of sony touchscreen all in one's.  I was playing around with it with Windows 7's touchscreen features, and it's really pretty freaking awesome!!  I liked it.  It's very productive and useful and all that good stuff.  Even the native windows handwriting recognition feature when you need to enter characters (website addresses, searches, etc.) was really pretty good!  Even with my crappy chicken scratch handwriting!  Man, I think I could do some good with a tablet convertible.

So, now that I was able to try it hands-on, I think I may indeed get that HP tm2t.  I really want a better built, more professional tablet convertible like the higher end HP's, or the Panasonics, or Lenovo.  But at this point, it's not worth the extra $1000+.  So I think I'll get the cheap HP tablet and mess around with that for a while.  It's only about $900, which is good.  But everyone, the Windows 7 touch interface is pretty nice, just from my first impressions.  It does all the pinching zoom, tapping, and all that really well, I liked it a lot.

it just goes to show, people like us really need to get our hands on these things.  These reviews and forums are all great, but nothing is like touching the freaking thing.  Nothing.  I'm glad I did that.


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