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A couple of problems related to toggling visibility


Hey there!  Just started playing around with Circle Dock and I love it, but unfortunately the functionality I was most excited about seems not to be working for me.

My visibility settings are mostly default - essentially I just want to be able to use the toggle button and/or the default hotkey, F1, to bring up the dock and have it go away again when I'm not actively using it.  My first trouble is that the toggle visibility function doesn't appear to be working at all, by any means.  Pressing the hotkey brings up the toggle button on screen, but the dock doesn't disappear.  Basically all the hotkey does at the moment is make the toggle button visible and then invisible again.   :(

A minor concern in comparison, but when I have "Show Toggle button when hidden" on and I ask the center button to show the Start menu when pressed, the Start menu flashes up for a fraction of a second and disappears - doesn't stay open no matter what I do.

I'm using Windows XP Professional SP3.  I've checked my version of Circle Dock, turned all the above options and many extraneous ones on and off in various combinations, and the problem seems to linger no matter what I try.

Oh!  I should note I'm also using Rainmeter.  I don't know if that produces conflicts.

Greetings GentleZacharias
We are glad to have you here at Circle Dock and the community.  8)

My apologies for the late response , We are at a bit of a stand still here.
If you observe some of the posts you will see where we are at.

Stand by though things may change  :Thmbsup:

Well let's start with Rainmeter.
It should not create for any conflict  :Thmbsup:
These are two completely independent programs, and Rainmeter is so simple in its implementation that it should not really create a conflict with anything, or at least nothing to date has come up at the Rainmeter Forums or here.

ok; F1 alone, is "hooked" to most programs "Help"
Therefore; Circle Dock has a two-key Hotkey set up.
F1 alone should not do anything with Circle Dock (if it does, please let us know)
That being said, I am sure that you have come across the assignment options in the settings.
In the "Visibility" tab:

As you can see I have mine set for Ctrl+F1. This has been a champ for me, as I use a mouse that I have assigned a button to handle Circle Dock visibility.
If this is not working for you, please advise, and we can have a closer look  :Thmbsup:

I am going to add the start menu issue to the list as it maybe related to an issue I am experiencing as well.
In my case I open the start menu, and it "snaps" back to the taskbar.
Very annoying, so your case must be most frustrating

That toggle button has created for more issues than it has been worth and may be removed at some point in the future, as it's use also creates for other visual and user issues  :(

If anything I have just posted has not helped. let me know and I will work with you to get as many issues resolved as possible  :Thmbsup:


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