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General brainstorming for Note-taking software

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Great! There are a few things missing to be an Evernote replacement, one of which is IE and FF (and hopefully Opera) right-click menu to copy content...

Does anyone at DC know how to do that? Initial search of the web did not give much...
-PPLandry (December 06, 2007, 01:07 PM)
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I believe Opera is a major problem for everyone that way - it's the reason I use FF - Surfulater cant manage Opera (or should that be the other way round :))

..........Very Nice ...........Thank's ...........

Othalian, thanks for the link to - great resources.  I use both Personal Brain and Compendium, which has lately been mentioned on this thread.  I like Personal Brain because items can have multiple parents, and I never lose myself in the display as I've done with some other mind mappers.

Are there any librarians reading this thread?  I am doing a presentation at SLA on how librarians can use mind mapping and other note taking tools to organize their own information and communicate it to their clients.  I'm looking for a co-presenter - I don't want to talk all by myself for the best part of an hour.  If you are going to Seattle, and have an interest, please let me know.

I've found that evernote is really weigh ( have not try yet ) with 50 mb install package. I want a lightweigh takenote system for computer. MonkeyPrivateTiddlyWiki is really good, you should try it.
And I take note everyday ( still in school ) with my own pen and notebook and Computer's take note system for stotraging :). I think it's a good way to take note :)

Zulupad is an excellent, lightweight notetaker.


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