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General brainstorming for Note-taking software

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I use OneNote generally and find it good for most purposes. Personally the features that support tablet PCs annoy me a little as I don't use one. There are also a couple of other things that irritate a bit: You cannot hyperlink to another section in OneNote (maybe possible in 2007 version) although you can link to an external file.

I've just registered IdeaMason and although I haven't done much with it yet it looks very promising. There's a trial version on their website.

"...Can you describe in detail what would make a user choose mybase or ultrarecall?  ..."

Things you can do in UR that you can not do in MB?
- Save Outlook/TBird messages in groups or individually to the DB. It costs you a click of a button in UR. With MB, there is an OL import add-on but it has always been a dysfunctional one and I never used it.

- You get full-blown synchronization capabilities with OL for all item types, docs, and urls. I have not seen any other app that is even close to doing this. I do not use it much, but I have to admit it is a killer one.

- Use KB shortcut to save content from any app on your desktop (Global paste). Once captured this way, UR puts in 'imported items' folders where you can later go and re-organize. MB has CBoard monitor that pops up a menu every time you do a 'cntr+c' but I always found it restricting and annoying. I do not necessarily want MB to monitor all my CBoard activity.

- UR shines above all when it comes to logical or virtual organization of data. MB has only 2 virtualization levels, the tree itself and the labeling system. I thought this was enough for my usage till I saw what UR can do. With the later, not only you can use system generated attributes such as type, date, category, tags. You you can also create you own. So practically, your tree is never your primary navigational tool. It is mostly used to organize content at its very generic level. On top of this tree, you can create views based on any attribute. This is something that becomes important when your content grows over the years where you end up with a tree of thousands of items. It becomes a nightmare to use as a navigational tool.

- Support forum and activity is alive. The Kinook support team monitors their queues daily and are responsive. The MB forum is practically dead and response it slow and minimal.

Things you can do with MB that you can not in UR
- MB stability and performance is unparalleled. Unfortunately, I get unhanded exceptions from UR more often than I like (had 3 in less than a month). Things like 'DB locked. No further operations allowed', 'access violation errors'. I have NEVER seen this in MB, not a single time. I have to mention, however, that the high quality of their support have brought these instances to very minimal. Bugs do get fixed and released timely.

- DB compression is the best I have ever seen. To give you an idea I had a folder with RTF docs in it. Explorer reported its total size at 160MB. I imported this folder to UR in 20 minutes with a total DB size of 53MB. Same folder imported into MB in 5 minutes with a total DB size of 13MB. Numbers speak loader that words!

- Web page in situ editing. In MB, you only need to hit F2 and you will go crazy wanting to edit every web page on your machine. Such feature seems a far from UR.

- More RTF editing features as compared to UR. In the former, you can indent, create text styles, control spacing. With UR, you can not.
- export content in dynamic HTML trees.
- Password protect entire tree as well as individual items.

These are some of the features I can come up with. There may be other minor ones I will leave up the readers to find out.

Thanks cnewtonne, that's really useful information.

Surfulator to be offered thru Bits du Jour  on May 22, 2007. Don't know the discount yet, but 40% or more is not unusual
-JerryH (May 17, 2007, 08:16 PM)
--- End quote ---

It's 50% off!

I already run TexNotes Pro (though haven't used it in ages - it's a candidate for an uninstall... but I haven't been able to bring myself to do it yet), Check&Get, NetSnippets Professional, Evernote 2... is there any reason for me to try Surfulater? I wonder if doing so would allow me to replace two or more of the apps that I already run? Knowing me though, it would just get added to the mix and nothing would be removed!


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