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General brainstorming for Note-taking software

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I've set up a poll on the GemX forum solicting opinions about the direction that should be taken with TNP, which can be accessed here, if you are a TNP user and have an opinion on the subject. Note that I am seeking suggestions as to how to strengthen the poll as some visitors have commented that the options aren't worded clearly...

Note, too, that the second post is from GemX's lead developer and architect, so they are monitoring the forum and paying attention to users' opinions. They claim to offer second to none support, and I've seen and experienced nothing to make me feel otherwise!

hmm, I too uninstalled texNotes too quickly. Maybe I'll give it another go... in 2007 :(

Right now, I use a combination of oneNote and mind Maps (!). Really effective for organizing/preparing large papers.

I think mind maps have a bright future for notetaking.

IMHO Freemind is the best note taking/thought organizing software bar-none.  It's free too! :D

Hi Darwin, I saw your poll on the texnotes forum.  I just joined that forum, and I've made a couple of posts already, and I voted in your poll.  Gemx seems to be a great company, I wish I could get them to participate briefly in this forum or make a few donations to the site.  I've tried a little bit already, but I don't want to seem like I'm "advertising" on their site for donationcoder.  I've read their posts on the forum, and the developers seem to be extremely responsive.  However, they haven't really responded to any of my stuff, but that's okay I guess.  Maybe I have to buy the software or gain a reputation there or something.

I'm pretty much convinced now that Texnotes Pro is the best hierarchical notetaking program.  Just an enormous amount of features.  I love the macro feature, so very cool!

For the next roundup, I think I want to try to get away from my Big Three thing, and try to expand the various notetakers into different categories, and maybe say which seems to be the best of each category.

Onenote is going to be difficult to review, how can I get a hold of the 2007 version?  My friend emailed me an article in The Atlantic that breifly reviews Onenote and a couple of other notetaking programs.  I'll post a summary of the article shortly since I can't copy the article here (copyright issues, right?).  Like all Atlantic articles, it's a bit smug and has a "I hang around rich people" quality to it, but it actually has some good information.

A OneNote 2007 60-day trial is available for download from the MS site.  It does require activation for the trial.

I don't know if it can be installed stand-alone or if it requires other Office 2007 components.


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