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General brainstorming for Note-taking software

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From the thread covering my review, I thought I might include for discussion here the notable programs that I left out of the review.  TexNotes and OneNote are the two big ones that are not included that will definitely be included in my next review.

I've tried OneNote, and while it lacks several features that prevent me from commiting to it as my primary notetaker, it does show a lot of promise.  Furthermore, if you keep up with the news, it sounds like the new OneNote (2007) is going to be awesome and have lots of great features.

Texnotes, which I initially thought was bloatware, is actually fantastic.  It does so much, and seems to do it really fast and efficiently.  I'll write more about it later.  From looking at it right now, it's going to give Mybase a run for it's money, and it might even knock Mybase out of the Big Three in its particular category.

The problem I've been having recently with Mybase is that even though it has a lot of features, something is mentally preventing me from using a lot of the more interesting ones.  It has to do with how they are implemented, some slight annoyances just make me say, "forget it, I don't need to use it anyway."  More on this later.  TexNotes seems to do some of these things better (at first glance).

Evernote recently had a significant update.  Surfulater, as usual, is always being consistently updated.

Here's a program that I don't think has been brought up here yet:

My Notes Keeper

Doesn't seem like anything special, but it does look decent.

Heres another:

Secure Notes Organizer

nudone, you brought it to my attention that I didn't include TexNotes Pro in my review.  Man!  What an oversight that was!  TexNotes is freaking awesome.  I'm 90% sure that I'm going have to move Mybase out of the Big Three to include TexNotes Pro into it.  From what I've seen so far, it has most of the tools available in Mybase with a much more eye-candy options that are actually quite useful.  And I also checked out their forums, and the developers seem to be extremely responsive to suggestions, and pretty good at implementing them.

I don't know why, but in my mind, I had GemX pegged as one of those bloatware companies that make a half-ass product with a lot of bubbly eye-candy.  I couldn't have been more wrong!  They have great software.  Furthermore, in their flagship Do-Organizer product, they have a really cool modular approach to prevent it from being an unnecessary bloated software like InfoSelect.  Basically, the Do-Organizer can do a whole lot (Contacts, To Do list, Calendar, Notes, Finances, etc.) but you don't buy the whole thing as one package.  You buy the basic foundation, and you add the extra modules as you feel necessary.  So you only need to get the parts you want.  For example, if all you want is a Calendar and Notetaking, then you just buy those two.  Very Nice!

I am very impressed, and ashamed that I left one of the best software in this category out of the review.  I kind of knew this would happen, that's why I labeled my roundup #1...I knew there would have to be updates and fixes for it to be complete.

While I, too, like what GemX are doing with Do-Organizer, I wish that the base program (that the modules run under) didn't include their e-mail client. All I want is a killer note-taking app! I'm a happy TexNotes Pro user and posted asking about it's future here . You'll note that the developers are seriously considering ending development (but not support) of TexNotes Pro once they complete adding all of its features to the Scribe module of Do-Organizer. This process is expected to take up to a year; note, too, that they are open to hearing arguments in favour of keeping TexNotes Pro in continued development!


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