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General brainstorming for Note-taking software

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John Buckham's been mentioned here a couple of times, since he has a webpage summarizing the different outliners available (although it's a bit dated).
-superboyac (May 09, 2006, 10:35 AM)
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I like his page because the reviews are clear, fair, short but adequate, and literate.  The drawback is that it's more than a bit dated, it's very very dated.  IIRC, he doesn't even mention MyBase, or quite a lot of others; no Treeline, no TreeDB, not even Keynote.

I recently tried Jot+ which he calls the best two-pane outliner, but it's nothing special. 

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One interesting thing; Jot+'s author provides import from a lot of other formats, either in Jot+ itself or via an external conversion program.  That might mean a more general translation program would be feasible.  If that were so, some of the concerns about committing to the "wrong" program would lessen, if not go away.

combine them into one perfect notetaking utility.  Kind of like Frankenote, or "The Ultimate Notetaker"

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Frankenote?  Brilliant name!   :Thmbsup:

I wish I had a secretary to do my non work related tasks.

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Don't you mean you wish you had a secretary to do your work-related tasks?  The non-work-related tasks are generally more fun...

I mostly agree with Jim, except for OneNote's shortcomings. It's a great program in so many ways,
-zridling (May 10, 2006, 01:12 AM)
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Hmmm...  zridling, as arch-apostle for OneNote, how about your asking Microsoft for a DC discount?   :D

I'll add my vote for OneNote: I find it to be elegant and attractively simply designed also.  I'd go for a discount - but has MS ever been known to give discounts?! 

We may have talked about this before... it seems that "Note-taking" has a couple of different meanings.

Zaine mentioned outlining capabilities and that seems like a good thing for taking notes on at a meeting or training session.

I've seen a lot of other comments regarding grabbing a bit (byte) of information to tuck away for later -- easy -- retrieval.  We're looking for a dumping ground for information so we can "put this somewhere" and still find it when it suddenly becomes important again.

Since I assume meetings notes might fall into the same category, what we really need is a dumping ground that has two distinct interfaces.  1 for the one-note type, on-purpose stuff and 1 for the Evernote, grab-this-stuff-and-remember-where-it-came-from type.

In both cases, we want to be able to find the information by searching (keyword, date, category), timeline, and some sort of tree view.

Does that sound about right?

Do any of these programs work with Google Desktop? 
-tim254 (April 18, 2006, 02:55 PM)
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Jot+ Notes has a plug-in that allows Google Desktop Search (GDS) to search it.  There are two limitations: (1) GDS will find the text in a Jot+ file, but won't tell you which individual note; and (2) GDS will only index the first 10,000 words of a file, but that's a GDS limitation, not a Jot+ one.

Kingstairs (Jot+ Notes) Web site
Google Desktop Search Plugin (BETA)


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