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General brainstorming for Note-taking software

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Hi Jim,
Ok I've just done some quick tests with two large'ish KB's open. One is 25MB .Surfulater file, 809MB .SurfulaterWDB file, the other is 11MB .Surfulater file, 75MB .SurfulaterWBD file. Surfulater closes in 2 seconds. Process Monitor shows all file activity has finished after 7 seconds. Even though Surfulater has closed completely, Windows is asynchronously updating the file system. Of course your mileage may vary and this really doesn't mean much.

What is critical though is that any backup application that monitors the file system in real time, delays its file access for a reasonable period of time after all file operations have completed, before it tries to gain access to such files.

Crashplan has smarts in this regard and has never had a problem backing up Surfulater KB's. I've recently also updated my SFFS Surfulater Profile to do Real Time Sync of my KB's and so far that hasn't had any problems either.

If you remember I shared my Process Monitor results with you and they showed differently by quite a bit. Of course that was about a year ago - has anything changed in Surfulater in that regard? All I remember is that Surfulater is the only app I own that has this issue with Dropbox. And anyone else that asks gets told to use CrashPlan instead....


Hi Jim, I can't recall nor find on our support forums any Process Monitor results from you. As I said earlier it doesn't much matter what they show and will vary considerably from PC to PC.

Nothing has changed in Surfulater that I can think that would affect any of this. There will however be major changes once everything is moved into the new SQL Database, which may also address the Dropbox issue.

Re. Crashplan, my early post here was the first and only time I have ever mentioned it, so I am more than a little baffled by your comment!

Following up on OneNote 2010.  I have liked OneNote 2007 more and more, not just for myself but for small team projects.  I'd like to hear from people using 2010.  So afraid MS will mess this up . . . 

The two things I have not found easy to deal with are

(1) sharing (doesn't work for us on Sharepoint and we are trying to get rid of shared folders, I assume Google sites won't handle it, and reportedly it doesn't always sync well through Dropbox) and
(2) changing permissions or moving a notebook once you've set it up.  I've never been able to do it.  Otherwise, amazing.

I do use various information mapping tools though: Compendium and Personal Brain, which have both been mentioned, I believe.

I loved Onenote 2007 and love 2010 as much, if not more... There are no MAJOR changes but there are tweaks. The only one that comes to mind is that when you select "Send to Onenote" from the context menu in IE, you are prompted to select a section in which to save the note. Of course, this MAY have been possible in Onenote 2007 - it's possible that I had changed a setting to have the note sent to a default and have long since forgotten...

Overall, unless you're upgrading to a new version of Office 2010 that includes Onenote, I'm not sure I'd pay to upgrade, but I can confirm that nothing is broken/screwed up!


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