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General brainstorming for Note-taking software

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Another product in this category is AskSam.

I think the feature that sets this apart is the ability to add searchable fields to your documents.

From the site:

askSam is the ideal application organize your information. askSam is a different kind of database - a free-form database designed for users rather than programmers. askSam makes it easy to turn anything into a searchable database: email messages, word processing documents, text files, spreadsheets, addresses, Web pages, and more.

askSam gives you the power of a database without the complexity. No need to program or learn a complicated query language. With askSam, you simply import or enter information, and you're ready to search. askSam users range from individuals organizing email, addresses, and research notes to corporations and government organizations managing meeting minutes, regulations, policy manuals, and corporate databases.

I remember trying both AskSam and UltraRecall recently, but I think that at the time, I was looking for an addressbook program and both of those were too much for that.  I'm going to go back and check it out again.  One thing I remember about AskSam is that it is one of these programs that has come up with a creative and unique way to collect information, and I felt it might be a bit too creative for the casual user.  But I have to go back and see.  Another program like AskSam was Zoot, also a very creative way to organize information.

And, rjbull, as far as fully indexed searching, well...YES!  Why?  Because fully indexed searching will allow the program to have the search-as-you-type filter feature, which people here should know, is my number one all time greatest most favoritest thing ever.  OK, time to check out some software!

I don't understand what Dialog does...I'm on their page right now.

OK, so I just tried UltraRecall, and it has lots of features and can do just about anything.  But it still organizes everything in the typical tree-heirarchy.  If that's the case, then I'd rather use Surfulater for it's more sophisticated organizing enginer, and if I am going to stick with the typical tree format, I'd use Mybase because it's just simpler for general notes and webpage capturing.

Ultrarecall and Surfulater are similar in that I think you can create templates for different kinds of information.  In Mybase you can only do two things, capture a webpage or store text.  In fact, each "note" (or item) in Mybase has two tabs, one for writing text in and another for a webpage.  I think the idea is you just don't use the webpage tab unless you have to and you write whatever you need in the text tab.  And if you do capture a webpage, you can add additional notes to it in the text tab (but you can't edit the webpage, it's a snapshot).  In Surfulater, you can actually edit the webpage you captured.

Another product in this category is AskSam.
-dajo (March 08, 2006, 09:33 AM)
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Back in the DOS days, I had a demo disk of the DOS version of AskSam.  There were no instructions.  It was one of the few programs I couldn't even get started with  :(  So I've been wary every since.  But, I heard it was used to organise and search the texts used in the Watergate hearings, so it must be powerful.


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