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General brainstorming for Note-taking software

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Just a quick note to say that I'm very happy with Scrivener as a notetaker.
In linux :)
-urlwolf (December 29, 2012, 01:25 PM)
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I've been looking at Scrivener, but it doesn't do clipping does it? Even on the Mac, it seems quite long-winded from what I have read. And it isn't good to store lots of info long term - reports suggest it getting bogged down before 1GB (not sure how others would stack up on that though).

I do like the corkboard view though. Though much better on the Mac where the notes can be placed anywhere, including overlapping each other. Slightly tempted with the apparent demise of Liquid Story Binder development (such a familiar story with so many of these programs).

I feel that UR is still better than MyInfo, even if MyInfo has improved (and it does have its note pane for clips from other applications).
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Where is the Notes pane for other applications in MyInfo?    :tellme:   I can't find it and I have really, really looked for it!
-J-Mac (December 29, 2012, 11:00 AM)
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Sorry, I'd meant that UR has the note pane, when MyInfo doesn't.

I was using UR-Pro for a few years but I was getting really aggravated about a couple things. For one, capturing web pages - it works great, and then it doesn’t. And when it doesn’t it really doesn’t, in a big way! And requests for help, while not going unanswered, don’t get me anywhere. Also, MS Office docs will open internally just fine... and then they stop and insist on opening externally in the relevant Office programs. Then I must go through re-doing the registry changes recommended by Kinook and revamping all my UR settings - usually ending up where I started - and the last time it happened it never did get back to opening documents internally. Kyle just doesn’t seem as committed to customer support as he once was.

Oh, yes - and then there was the upgrade to version 5, which turned out to be not a major upgrade after all. No new features, no bug fixes. Just wants folks to pay to continue using UR as it is. -J-Mac (December 29, 2012, 11:00 AM)
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I've not been able to get UR to work with MS Office docs running internally on my current computer (W7 64 bit; UR4). I agree about the aggravation that the previously excellent support appears to have gone. Doesn't bother me directly, as I never get in touch with support on any software  - either I can see how to make it work, or I don't use that function - but indirectly it does because I make substantial use of any tips etc available on the forums.

I've not had a problem with clipping - but for the times I did, I would just use another way of getting it. My life's too short to try to track down something that seems to vary so much from page to page and over time as web technologies change. For me the big issue was always that it didn't clip pages from Opera, but the ability to store all entries on the clipboard wasn't too bad an alternative (as it is with TreeDBNotes).

I don't have a problem with the upgrade price for UR5. He specifically said the was discontinuing development a few years ago, changed his mind, to an extent, and has since just provided a path for people who upgrade their OS. I applaud that; takes away the feeling that it is an urgent matter to find an alternative. I don't expect to upgrade myself, as I never expect to install W8 on anything (I didn't get ME or Vista either) and I made sure I had enough full retail versions of W7 when it came out so that I could put it on any new hardware and not get stuck with its replacement. I suspect the much reduced development and support is because UR no longer really pays enough to warrant more (even with his upgrade pricing); presumably also the reason for so many of the similar programs also hibernating.

The other general comment I'd make about it is that it is getting to be quite an old fashioned interface, and was already very techie; I'm not a coder but I would think it would take quite a lot of work to rewrite that for such a complex program with so many functions. And the previous binding with MS progs, looks increasingly hard to maintain (and with less reward) as they keep changing their progs and their usage is less prevalent except in the office (& education).

I agree with applauding a developer for supporting a new OS, but not quite to the tune of $50 for a no-new-features upgrade! Just can't do it!



I agree with applauding a developer for supporting a new OS, but not quite to the tune of $50 for a no-new-features upgrade! Just can't do it!
-J-Mac (December 29, 2012, 09:39 PM)
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You would prefer the alternative that he didn't offer the update at all - realistically that is the alternative?

I often prefer programs and upgrades & updates to be cheaper than they are. If they are not cheap enough I don't buy them.

I can understand that you may think the upgrade is poor value. Not many 'improvements' for the number of dollars. But I've quite often bought an apparently better value upgrade, but then found I have never ever used one of the new features. If you need the ability to work with W8, I think you would probably find it was worth $50. New buyers still get the prog for the basic price. I don't think there will be a huge number of takers for the upgrade, so I don't think it will prove a super-profitable exercise for him.

I would really prefer that the program were popular and still actively developed, but I don't think that programs like these are the way that the market is moving. Developers everywhere are aping Apple or apping iOS, because that is where they think the money is. Programs are dumber but prettier and it is simpler to see what to do. The antithesis of UR really.


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