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General brainstorming for Note-taking software

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whoa...doublewitt, as the author of the notetaking roundup and this thread, let me respond to your comments.  First of all, I don't mean any of this in an offensive spirit or non-constructive manner, and if I came off that way, I apologize.  When I said that TreeDBNotes is not a purely notetaking software, I meant it from the standpoint of managing simple text notes with no real added features (except for formatting features like rtf).  I did that on purpose to make the review somewhat manageable or else it would have been nearly impossible for me to write a review if I didn't limit my pool of software.  I purposefully didn't want to consider applications like TreeDBNotes, Do-Organizer, and UltraRecall because I don't have the time/energy to productively compare the enormous amount of features these programs offer.

Also, it's not really a matter of defining what "notetaking" really encompasses, whether it's just plain text, contact info, calendar appointments, etc.  Many of us are going to have different philosophies on all that, and there is no right or wrong as far as I'm concerned.  Again, the only reason why I limited the definition of notetaking software to ones that just dealt with freeform text is more of a practical reason to make this review manageable.

If you are the author of TreeDB, welcome to this site and, honestly, we love having the authors participate here.  I never meant EATKS to be an insult, just a short abbreviation to quickly categorize that kind of software as doing much more than a simple notetaker.

Your focus is:  *ILLGC software
inefficient, low, level, goose chaser
--- End quote ---
I'll ignore this, i can understand why you felt that way.  The "ILL" part hurt my feelings...but I don't know what a goose chaser is.  If you explain that, then I can be properly insulted by it.  (I mean that all in fun  :P).

I think one message that I get loud and clear from these past few pages on this thread is that there are several "understandings" of note taking

Some of the key ones

1. Personal information organiser
Keep and organise little snippets of information from addresses to quotes to todos - (usually small bits of information which change a few times maximum)

2. Reference organiser
Store webpages, quotations etc.
(usually medium to large bits of information which don't change much)

3. Idea organiser
Tools that help write something by organising, fleshing out, reorganising etc.
(large bits of information which change every minute)

It follows from this that someone with one of the styles in mind will clearly object to the choices and criteria used by someone who has a different one in mind, but the fact that they have a different target in mind might not be immediately obvious since a lot of the features and vocabulary will overlap...

PS: I'm looking for a good #3 style one at the moment, as I find writing documents from scratch in a text editor or, worse, word just doesnt work for me.

At least you extracted some conclusions of 25 pages of discussion... something that superboyac (I think) couldn't achieve through the thread. Well, I have seen +1000 pages threads, so let's keep going for some other 25 :)

At least you extracted some conclusions of 25 pages of discussion... something that superboyac (I think) couldn't achieve through the thread. Well, I have seen +1000 pages threads, so let's keep going for some other 25 :)
-Lashiec (September 18, 2007, 03:16 PM)
--- End quote ---
Wait....what?  I didn't come up with any conclusions?  I don't get it...

My conclusion was that there isn't one best program for this notetaking (as I've tried to define it).  I remarked about this in another thread about how difficult it is to do a comprehensive review.  I don't think it's accurate to say "this is the best program", rather, I like to focus on specific features of a program and specifically remark if that feature is implemented the best in that particular software, and let the user decide if that is the best program for him.  For example, I won't say Evernote is the best notetaking software, but I will say it's the best for dumping and retrieving notes.

Oh, yeah, I overlooked the review. Sorry :-[


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