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General brainstorming for Note-taking software

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You say the notes can be searched. Does that include "cross-document" searching? Also, when using an external indexing search tool like google desktop search, are such notes in pdf files also indexed or only the original pdf text? -Nod5 (June 10, 2007, 03:20 AM)
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Actually, I've talked about that with Darwin at some point. I know that neither X1 nor Cpernic will index Acrobat's comments. Although X1 or Copernic will index MS Word's comments, but not perfectly.

Archivarius might be your best bet, but I haven't found time to seriously try it.

@Darwin : do you know if Archivarius will index comments in acrobat?

When googling I found this post on a feature for summarizing notes in freestanding pdf files. That sounds very useful. Have anyone tried it and have comments?
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I’ve tried it. As it says, it will create a new PDF with the highlighted text listed page-by-page. I guess it can be useful, as you you’ll be less distracted by the text that’s normally around your comments and highlighting and you’ll be able to see the comments dates and author much more easily.

RE: archivarius and comments in pdfs... I'll have to test that tonight and get back to  you - I'll have to annotate a pdf and index it before I can confirm this functionality or not and I'm on my way out the door for the afternoon and dinner.

 I tried to get eXpert PDF 3 (for nothing, feeling cheap today  :D, so whats different from most days you may well ask lol) and i cant get the thing to extract its files, wants a password, so i use the one they sent me, says ts invalid, anyway i sent them an email, telling them this, but havent heard anything yet.

Grorgy - hope that gets sorted out for you.

Armando - I got a reprieve (3 year old fell asleep) so tried out Archivarius on notes added to pdfs using Scansoft's Note function. Couldn't get a hit when googling for it after reindexing my harddrive. I'll write to the developer and ask about this because he's likely either to tell me how to do it or to add it to a future build!

Thanks Darwin.
So let's wait for the developper's answer!  :)


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