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General brainstorming for Note-taking software

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>Vadim - I absolutely disagree about the web capture stuff. 

Here I do not understand completely with what you absolutely disagree?
If you wish to capture the whole page…. It’s your decision….. you know the minuses, you know the pluses….

I said only that in MOST of cases it enough to save only text (NOT ALL THE CASES)…..

The text is UNIVERSAL and MORE COMPACT way to translate information….. even without pictures it’s describes perfectly the KNOWLEDGE….  Moreover HTML page is polluted with advertisement and Flash video now more and more…. Plus non-proper formatting could be applied sometimes……

I can compare this to recording TV show with all advertisement it has….. it’s your right to record all the show without the pauses…. But actually it’s information noise….

>I am very visual and mentally "key" off of the look and information. 

It’s normal…. It’s your vision…. You can save the formatted text all the time, I do not argue with you…. But it’s will be your own choice….

>If I write a note on a piece of paper, I remember the size and color of the paper. I usually remember the orientation and position of the text. 

Absolutely right!!!

Perfect illustration what I what to escape offering to save in plain text….. if YOU write!!!!

That one who wrote this web page or web site….. has DIFFERENT vision how to do that…. How to style it… You DO NOT HAVE TO COPY HIS STYLE of writing…. There is your way!!! After saving filtered text YOU can apply formatting emphasizing main things and highlighting something….. you can choose color and size THEN after saving!!! You can set label and flag also…..

It’s known fact that YOU BETTER learn (the ability to remember) new note…. Not just rewriting it…. But paraphrasing it or arranging it in YOUR OWN WAY…. Simple copying is the worst way to remember it actually….. there are test results over there….

>In the same way, when I capture a web page, I want to capture the way it looks, not just the text.  Heck sometimes the graphics are part of the information.

Yes, sometimes. In most cases there are not relevant….


rjbull, when I'm talking about web-capturing in this thread, I mean web-capturing capabilities of notetaking programs, not dedicated web-capturing programs.  In this context, I think Evernote does it the best.
-superboyac (June 02, 2006, 10:13 AM)
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I take that to mean, you see Evernote as primarily a Web capture program, and best of its type (sorry to be obtuse).  Thanks.

I'm not sticking this thread into a notetaking app or something like that, if that was what you meant.

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I did rather have visions of you putting each message into a separate node as a way of keeping and manipulating it offline!

Actually, rjbull, I meant that Evernote is NOT primarily a web-capture application (sorry! :-[).  Evernote is notetaking application that can capture webpages.  For pure web-capturing, I'm pretty sure things like Net Snippets, Scrapbook, Onfolio are much more suited for it.

But I don't want to get into those dedicated apps in this thread.  Here, I want to focus on notetaking apps that have web-capturing utilities as a supplement.  In this context, the three programs I have come across that do this are Evernote, Surfulater, and Mybase.  Of the 3, Evernote does it the best from my experiences.  You have to really try all 3 programs to "feel" the differences of each one, it's kind of hard to describe.  Technically, Surfulater is the better web-capturing program.  Mybase's capturing feels sluggish.  Here's why I like Evernote's capturing:  when you capture a webpage or part of one in Evernote, and then you go to that particular note in the program, it doesn't "feel" like a captured webpage; it feels like you've written a note and organized it such that it looks exactly like the actual webpage where you got it from.  I guess it all depends on if you want your notes to feel like you're in a webpage, or if you want your notes to feel like your in a text editing program.  I like my notes to feel like I'm in Notepad (or UltraEdit :Thmbsup: ), but there are a lot of people who like the web interface to be applied to all programs (as you can see more and more programs adopting a weblike interface).  If you like the web thing, you'll love Surfulater's interface.  If you're a notepad person like me, you'll love Evernote's interface.  To understand this, you just have to try the programs yourself.  It comes down to things that I almost feel embarrassed to talk about because it's so miniscule, like:
--Is the cursor the hand/arrow thing, or just a simple cursor bracket symbol?
--Can I just start typing anywhere or do I have to go in and out of "edit mode"?
--If I click once on a link, does it open the actual webpage, or do I have to double-click?

Stuff like that.

So, I was just recently playing with Surfulater again today...

Surfulater's tree is the best.  When you copy and paste articles around, they remain virtual copies.  So, if you rename the title of one of the copies, they all change.  Picking a icon for the article is the easiest of all the softwares, with the comic book bubble that appears.  There are 3 views for each tree, either with full expanded view, or condensed view, another view showing "no articles" but just the parent nodes, and finally the chronological view.

(One question, nevf...what's the difference between the 2nd button which shows "no articles", and the 1st button where you can turn the articles off?  I don't see a difference.)

Anyway, like I said, it's the best implementation of a tree in all the main softwares in this genre.  What would make it even more powerful is if the user can customize the tree's even more.  For example, having the option to organzie the chronological view by year and day, instead of only by month.  Also, if we could take the same database and organize it in different trees, that would be cool.  When I do my Frakenstein-visual of these softwares, the tree part will definitely be from Surfulater.

Actually, rjbull, I meant that Evernote is NOT primarily a web-capture application (sorry! :-[).  Evernote is notetaking application that can capture webpages.
-superboyac (June 05, 2006, 12:37 PM)
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superboyac, thanks for the clarification  :)

JeffK mentioned Cyberarticle in this DC post  It's positioned as a Web archiving tool, but I see that it can import arbitrary files, and offers full-text searching.  Those are good features for a notekeeping application, though I'm not sure if the rest of it is ideally suited.


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