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General brainstorming for Note-taking software

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Here's an update to a program discussed here, Mybase.  On the Mybase yahoogroup, the author has released a beta of the new version 5.0.  He has apparently rewritten the code from ground up (I think mouser was considering this for CHS), and there are a ton of new features.  I haven't experimented with it fully yet, but it also seems like he has incorporated "labels" into the program somehow.

I still like this program, even though it uses a regular tree heirarchy to organize information.  I'm curious as to how the label system works.  I wonder if it provides the option that some of us have discussed here, where the user decides if they want a regular tree heirarchy or some kind of virtual heirarchy by categories and tags.

And just to recap, let me remind you guys of the new features in v5 that I like.  It has fully indexed searches and the filter-as-you-type feature that I love.  Evernote has this as well, but I must say, the way Evernote does it is amazing--very fast and very smooth, probably the best implementation of this feature I've ever seen in any program.  But Mybase is doing it now also, so that is a huge thing.  Mybase also allows multiple databases to be open at once, like Keynote used to do.  I think Surfulater offers this also, in a slightly different way.  Anyway, just an update, glad to see this software still evolving.

And following on from superboyac's post I'd like you all to know that I've just released the latest version of Surfulater, Version

New features in this release include the ability to Import Bookmarks from a variety of applications, including IE, Firefox, Linkman, Powermarks, Compass, Netscape & XBEL files, new Bookmark and Note templates, content editing improvements, more tree item images, improved searching, enhanced XML Clipboard capabilities and more. This is a big update, as you'll see from the releases notes here and in the Help.

If you've tried Surfulater in the past and need to start a new Free Trial simply UnInstall Surfulater and delete the
My Documents\My Surfulater folder. Then download and install the latest Surfulater release and your free trial will start over.

See: Surfulater V1.96, B0.0 released - A Happy Easter for more information on this new release.

Expect to see a new DC discount shortly. :)

[...] I watched a guy who was in love with it show off a bit.  He talked about finding a topic quickly pressed a couple of search keys and started typing his word. (He knew where the cursor would be and that he could type right away [...]
-Rover (March 17, 2006, 12:07 PM)
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Where did you watch me working with AutoHotkey?!? :o

Spoiler;D ;D

In the future you'll likely see automated article classification added, which should be interesting indeed.
-nevf (March 21, 2006, 01:52 AM)
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Sounds great! Based on keywords in the articles already saved that should be possible with a good hit ratio.

nevf, that's great news also!  I will try out the new Surfulater tomorrow at work.  Powermarks, cool!  I'm also curious to see the new text editing features.  Thanks for the update.


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