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Learning from Cats -- My New Strategy for Dealing with Things I Don't Understand

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From now on when i encounter something or someone i don't understand, i'm going to approach it the same way these cats do:

may not make me many friends, but on the other hand, from listening to this video, it seems like i may end up entertaining a lot of bystanders.

ps. these cats must be related to this fellow we all know well:

You mean smack it and claw at it? :)

That was funny!~ I love where the cat smacks the kitten & it jumps.

when in doubt, WHACK!!

is there a cross over between this thread and the one about support?

Honestly, that's S.O.P. #1 in anything technical that's not acting like it should.

ie. HIT IT!  Preferably with the biggest hammer you can find - if the fault was intermittent before, it's now permanent.....which makes it a LOT easier to diagnose :D


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