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TicTac 1.0

No, it doesn't play the game. It just positions the active window to a section that would correspond to a tic tac toe position.  The positions visually correspond to the NumPad number keys.  3 is Bottom Right, 8 is Center Top etc..


Usage:  Leave running in Tray.  To position the active window, press the Windows Key and a numberpad key 1-9.  Win NumPad5 would center the window.  Win NumPad1 would position it on the bottom left.

Only single monitor setups are supported.  However on each hotkey press it does get the desktop work area from the OS.  It should not cover the Taskbar or get thrown off by a change of screen res.

The active window is not resized or changed. It's only moved such that the entire window should show(if it fits in the work area that is) either flush to an edge of the work area, or centered, depending on the numberpad key used with the Win key.

What a really cool idea!
Since it 'sticks' the window in a (new) place I would suggest the name "TicTack".  Like a thumbtack that sticks a piece of paper on the wall.

What a really cool idea!
Since it 'sticks' the window in a (new) place I would suggest the name "TicTack".  Like a thumbtack that sticks a piece of paper on the wall.
-parkint (July 30, 2010, 05:52 PM)
--- End quote ---

Thanks.  Glad you like it.  :)


WindowMenuPlus had this as one of its menu commands, but insisted on resizing the window at the same time.  I prefer just moving the window as directly as possible without altering it. So I did it via hotkey.

See the Readme for the sordid details. :)

TicTac 1.1  Version 1.1 adds commands to the Tray Menu such as Show Readme to display the Readme file, Visit Hotkey Page, Donate etc...   Also double clicking the Tray Icon brings up an About dialog displaying the current hotkey, version and copyright info .. the usual soporifics.  :)

I also added the ability to change the hotkey modifiers using an .ini file setting.  If you don't like using the Win Key you can change the modifier setting in the .ini file.  Shift is not advisable as that changes the state of the number pad. If the hotkey assigment fails, I assume something illegal was specified in the .ini file, and the program quits. If it seems broken a quick way to get it back on track is shut it down and delete the .ini file, and start over.. but this is in the Readme.

Each time the program is run, on exit it writes TicTac.ini to the same folder as TicTac.exe.  The .ini file has comments explaining the format of the HotKeyModifier setting.  Default is # for the Win Key.  Remember to quit the program before editing the .ini file, otherwise your changes will be overwritten on program close.

Hey there!

I tried this but whenever I got three windows in a row it drew a line through them and told me I'd lost  ;)

Seriously though, you've become quite an asset to DC and we're lucky to have you around.
Thanks for all you contribute!

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