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Unable to access the settings panel


fred dred:

I've just spent a couple of happy hours tinkering and tweeking, but now when I try to access the settings dialogue I get :-

Is there a quick way to fix this - without having to start again from scratch?

Thank you

Win7 x64 fully updated, framework 4 installed, latest V of CD

Greetings fred dred
Glad to have you here with us at Circle Dock and Donationcoder  :-*

apologies that it is not under better circumstances.  :-[

We have not been ignoring this issue, we are actually looking into it.

Markham is out until Monday, or he is supposed to be, but he has this annoying "take my laptop everywhere habit"  :P
So we may have an answer quicker.

We will get you through, apologies for the troubles

The Sarge

fred dred:
No worries :)

I removed the config.ini from the appdata folder and just had to set the aesthetics up again - now its working fine  :Thmbsup:


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