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Synchronizing a few folders between two machines?

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ViceVersa File Synchronization, there is also  VVEngine ( VVEngine makes it very easy to manage multiple ViceVersa profiles. Each profile can be scheduled separately and organized into categories.)

ifolder; free

There is also FreeFileSync, comes with a realtime watcher as well. I do use both on linux machines

I think there is a difference between real time sync and scheduled sync.

Sometimes I'm not ready for the sync to happen.
Because of possible file deleting, although they should be found in the recycle bin.

I'd like opinions on GoodSync if anyone tries it,
and compared to the others, how it performs and options.

Has anyone tried it.

Taking the risk of being stoned by some here I have to confess that I'm for a long time quite happy with Windows Live Sync. Easy to setup and then you can forget about it, it just works as expected. If you fit in the limit of 20 folders of up to 20.000 files (if I recall correctly) and if you don't need any special features like filtering and exclusions, I can only recommend this. It's free. Works on LAN as well as internet, but the internet connection is needed to connect to the account database. If you're not connected at the moment, never mind, the sync takes place as soon as you plug in.

Thanks for all the suggestions, I am slowly looking through them :Thmbsup:.

I would prefer not to have a program running all the time in the background, because as I mentioned the folders are only changed a few times a week at the most. It would be better if I could click a button to update them, or if I could schedule the program to perform a sync maybe once a day.

It would be nice if it could work without having to share folders, but I guess it would make it simpler.


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