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The Inversion of the Open Source - Big Corporation Divide?

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This seems like a classic case of dogmatic pursuit of ideals, tunnel vision, and I agree that there's a problem here. While I do think the interpretations of Stallman, etc. may not be 100% correct, ultimately what's important is that he and others like him (many supporters of the free and/or open source movement among them) pursue a strict ideology, as if the achievement of a single idea is its own reward and justifies all consequences. That is not a healthy means to most ends. Even if many supporters would not necessarily agree wholeheartedly with this characterization, their actions may prove otherwise.

It seems to me mouser is suggesting a more pragmatic, holistic approach, and that's often hard to hear for idealists. The ideas of freed and open source are powerful and compelling, and their "purity" and simplicity are part of their appeal to many I think. So trying to view these ideas in a larger context and, more importantly, potentially modify them or implement them in less than totally "pure" ways is uncomfortable for some.

I have no answers for this, but I think a "meeting of the minds" is key, and this is a problem in arguably much larger areas than free/open source software. Humans are often prone to rally around dogma, and this has caused some of the biggest rifts in our history. Though the free/open source movement has arguably less "gravity" than, say, wars fought over religious fundamentalism, nonetheless it is an issue which could powerfully shape our future...

- Oshyan


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