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The Inversion of the Open Source - Big Corporation Divide?

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Did Bob have a change of heart?  The download link goes to
-jaden (October 08, 2010, 04:31 PM)
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There is a tiny icon with a green arrow, that when clicked will give you the pdf version of the book, here on his profile page:

I get the same forbidden page from that link on two different computers, three browsers and wget.

Same here from South America, no "love" from lulu (a common short for girls named Luana over here).

I do not want to sound cynic but this is what I think.

If people figure out that 95% of software is made for internal consumption, why they did not figure out that the ones the do most of the internal consumptions are exactly the ones that gave work for programmers? Thus changing programming from a profession (like a lawyer, doctor, accountant, etc.) to a beggar state that artist have known for a time, where a very few make it big and a most have to find alternative sources of income.

I do not like the system we live in. The sole purpose of a corporation is to make money for the shareholders. The fault here is that power holding share holders already have money to begin with. Thus the result of corporations is consolidating the money on a few people. The ones that works most are not the ones getting the most return.

Since corporations, by definition are to make money. It helps considerably to have free open source for internal consumption. AKA, less jobs for programmers. More money for corporations.  More money for corporations means that the small business have less opportunity, not more, to compete with corporations.

To top this, every new generation of programmers are told about the wonders of open source. And instead of learning to make their own stuff, they just fall into the trap, working for corporations for free. While at the same time making the consumers think that software should be free, thus they do not need to pay for something a person worked on. An expected state of slavery.

Nowadays the only way to make money is.

A. being already rich, so that you can create an infrastructure fast.
B. Find a small niche that corporations haver not noticed (aka eat the crumbles that fall out their table). 
C. Use software as a bait for another product.
D. Create a cooperative with others developers. This will allow:
- Paying once for duplicated services. (publicity,  market research, legal stuff, etc.)
- Having a store with enough products, instead of a single product.
- Having enough products to establish a business relation with retail stores.
- Having a quality control system (much like publishers have in the game business.

I being toying with the idea of an international cooperative of developers.

If we think of business as war, a big organized army has a better chance of survival than an equal number of divided fighters (aka a big corporation have a better chance than many individual developers). But if the individual developers join forces and make an army of their own, they have a fighting chance. (aka a cooperative with enough number of developers can compete against corporations).

Why a cooperative? Equal vote. Equal voice. Thus it will not degenerate on a small group controlling a large group.

I get the same forbidden page from that link on two different computers, three browsers and wget.
-jaden (October 08, 2010, 07:21 PM)
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Same here from South America, no "love" from lulu (a common short for girls named Luana over here).
-Shades (October 08, 2010, 08:02 PM)
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OK, I have sent a message to the author through the lulu internal messaging system, explaining the problem. Hopefully he will get back to me, and the issue will be fixed.


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