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Unable to unlock Kiosk mode

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I have set Kiosk mode enable, it's working fine. Now I try to unlock that, but Dock Settings option is disabled (Gray/ dim).
what should I do now?

Archon of Fate:
kiosk mode basically "locks" the dock from being changed, to edit settings, add items, etc... you must disable kiosk mode :D

How can I? Dock Settings option is disabled as I mentioned earlier.

Archon of Fate:
in the kiosk mode tab does it show the option to disable kiosk mode? or is it still grayed out along with the other tabs... I don't use kiosk mode so my tips may be a little off... if it is I'd wait for sgtevmckay or markham to reply as they are the programmers of CD currently

Right-click on Circle Dock's icon in the System Tray.



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