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DRM Management

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These tracks must have some coding in them somewhere that triggers the license check, I would think. Of course I know nothing about coding so I am probably way off, but how else does WMP know to play or not play them?



Right, but, what I'm saying is that duplicating that check probably isn't going to be easily doable, if at all.  That's the whole idea behind these closed DRM systems.  That being said, I could easily write an app that would attempt to play the track and, if the track errored, consider it DRM protected.  I have no way to check if said DRM is valid, though, without reverse-engineering the respective DRM system (and I won't be doing that).

AudialsOne, Aimersoft, Daniusoft, DrmRemoval, and Wondershare will all auto-find your drm protected files. But they will offer to remove the protection by converting the files, not to delete the files. I don't know of any program that from the word Go will offer to delete the drm protected files. If the drm protection cannot be removed, at least this way you will know where the files are located.

The programs will find the drm protected files no matter if they can be converted or not. Meaning, that you can ask the program to auto-find and convert all your drm files, and when the converting is done, you can read in the program's window which files were not converted and where they are placed. These are the files you want to delete.

From there, you can use a program like ABBYY Screenshot Reader to get a list of the files. And from there it is just of matter of minutes before skwire or someone else can write you a snack to do the rest...

@ rno2, or anyone!, can you please zip and attach one or two napster files, (<5MB), so I can check if any of my drm removers will offer to delete them? I don't have any "not-valid" drm files to test this.

I have some Napster files but they are not DRM-protected. I downloaded them way back before Napster was even sued in the beginning. I do have a few that WMP thinks are DRM-protected but truly aren't. (I downloaded them when I had a Rhapsody subscription but ended up purchasing them, however WMP still refused to play them when Rhapsody was no longer installed on my box.) Not sure if that would work for you. Actually, not even sure which ones they are!!



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