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DRM Management

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as I expected; my drm programs will not offer to (convert or) delete the files. However, Daniusoft Video Converter Ultimate and AudialsOne will offer to open the containing folder, file per file. Tedious, if you have a lot, but usable. Aimersoft, DrmRemoval, and Wondershare would not offer to open the containing folder.

Of the two, Audials is by far the better program, but total overkill for this job.
Daniusoft is sometimes available on Giveawayoftheday.

I will see what AudialsOne will do for me. I forgot that I own that software. I will update on what it does.

It did not work. It needs to have a current DRM that will let you play the music. Mine was outdated. Oh, well. Thanks everyone.

At the very least, I could write you a small app that would scan your files for ones that contained DRM i.e. errored out when attempting to play them.  It could then offer to move/delete/whatever those files.  Would this be helpful to you?

Hey rno2,

You can make the tracks playable if you wish. Just burn them to a CD and then rip the CD back to your hard drive again. The DRM should be gone.



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