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Code-it Software almost-giveaway

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Code-it Software is a one-man's company in Wyoming, USA. The man is >>Mike Baker, its founder, has a 'B.S.' degree in 'Computer Science/ Programming' as well as an 'Associate of Science' degree in 'Electronics'. Mike has had many hours of A-Tech (Assistive Technology) training at Casper College (Casper, Wyoming) which he is especially proud of.<<

His is the author of programs like "KISS" (freeware), "Wave MP3 Editor PRO", "Text Transformer", and "Video Magic", and they are all suspicious low priced despite they each come with a lifetime license!

Is it also low quality then? No, it is good quality. Really good! Honestly, I don't get why his prices are that low, because too many people seems to conclude that it must be low quality, being so cheap, and they miss the point: MikeB is a really fine software author but simply just a poor marketer! And now I am at it, he is not the best diplomat either... quote from my first email from him: >>PS: be SURE to preserve your registration order number! You'll need it to request/ receive FREE version updates and special offers.<< ... the major problem being that by mistake I never got an order number! So, each time I want to update, I simply mail him the download link for the previous full version, and kindly ask for a new link.

Version history, re-download and upgrade policies...

Our upgrade policy is simple and straight forward. Version updates (Major and Minor) are always free: all that's required to get the newest version is to email [email protected] with your request AND some "proof of registration". I'll send you a personalized download link,
--- End quote ---
all our software is 100% FREE of  adware and/ or spyware: we don't send you newsletters (spam?) trying to sell you other products or services.

all our REGISTERED setups do not implement/ use "machine specific key-codes" : no connecting to the iNet, for registration, so we can verify that it is only installed on one system. They are full registered versions that the EULA gives you license to install/ use on as many PERSONAL systems as desired.

we do not develop or release software that implements the use of DRM or any function that "calls home" to verify registration.
--- End quote ---

Request a customized tool: Bet you won't find this free service anywhere else? Check it out here...
--- End quote ---

The reason I am posting about Code-it right now is, that I have realized that these weird low priced applications right now are offered at an even more ridiculous low price. Read what you get for $10, it is of another planet:

Wave MP3 Editor PRO tools...

The following is a list of most all the specialized tools you get with PRO: some are "one trick ponies" and others have complex functions...

CD Information - shows you the capabilities of your CD Drive
CD Player - gets the CD information (i.e. cover art, song titles, etc...) options to play.
CD Ripper (both simple or advanced) - get CD info and rip to WAV or MP3 audio format.
Data CD Writer - burn/ archive your files to CD-R, DVD or Blur -Ray disk.
Audio CD Writer - burn your audio files to CD-R so they can be played on any CD Player.

Audio Album maker - crate "albums" of any combination of your audio files.
Silence Stalker - automatically split tracks by detecting silence.
Tune Chopper - split large audio files in different ways (by size, time, sound or visually)

Audio File Converter - very advanced audio file converter. Creates a new file: no risk for original file.
Batch Equalizer Recorder - equalize a batch of audio files so they sound the way you want them to. Creates completely new files: no chance of corruption of original files.

Batch Format Converter - convert a batch of audio files to the format and sample rate desired. Creates a completely new files: no chance of corruption of original files.
Batch Transformer - ever heard of a batch audio editor? Me either - but this specialized tool comes darn close! You won't believe how much time this one of a kind tool will save you.

Frequency Analysis - for those that really want to get technical with their audio files!
Get File Info - get all the info pertaining to an audio file - play it too.
MP3 ID Cover Art Editor - add or replace, what's known as "cover art" to your MP3 files.

MP3 ID Tag Editor - add or edit most any MP3 ID tag.
MP3 ID Tag Editor (advanced) - add or edit most any MP3 ID tag. Very advanced options.

Batch VOX Converter - convert a batch of VOX audio files to WAV or MP3 - select sample rate to transform to. Creates a completely new files: no chance of corruption of original files.
Waveform Analysis - for those that want to get technical and see what's going on within an audio file.

MIDI Composer - create your own MIDI masterpiece with this tool.
MIDI Data Reader - read/ editor the data of a MIDI file.
MIDI Player - very similar to a lot of MP3 Players except supports MIDI only - supports play lists, "loop" play, etc.
MIDI Converter - convert (via recording method) a MIDI file to WAV or MP3.

Audio Player - yet another "boom box" type audio/ video player that offers most any advanced option you'll ever need.
CD Player - gets the CD information (i.e. cover art, song titles, etc...) options to play.

iNet Radio Retriever/ Recorder - play and record (to MP3) many popular iNet radio stations - something for all - build your music collection fast and easy. Oh, by the way - this "recorder" also automatically splits the music/ tunes: no need to do this manually!

KAR Player - OK - you know what "KAR" files don't you? If not - the KAR file type is primarily associated with 'Karaoke MIDI File'.

MP3 Crossfader Player - "Cross fading" is simply the fading out of 1 song, as you fade in a 2nd song so there's no break or pause between songs. And in fact at the centerpoint of the crossfade, the two songs are fully merged at the same volume level.

Playlist Maker - M3U or PLS
RockN Audio DJ - All you need now to mix music
Tune Library - the Tune Library is an easy way to find and organize your music, giving you ultimate control of your MP3 / WAV/ WMA and CD music collection.

Wild Thing - This is a very cool MP3 Player that allows you to insert music "samples" into the playing stream. Lots of advanced options such as recording the output stream for future use, equalizer and other effects, etc.

Audio Mixer/ Overdub Recorder & Mixer - mix files or overdub your voice to a file
iNet Radio Retriever/ Recorder - play and record (to MP3) many popular iNet radio stations

Recordster - a very advanced audio recorder. Records to WAV or MP3 on the "fly": no temp files created. Options to stop after silence is detected, timed recording, record input in a "equalized state" (acts as an "Equalizer Recorder"), set format and sample rate of your recording, etc...

Rewind Recorder - ever wanted to record sound AFTER you've heard it? Maybe you were listing to an iNet Radio broadcast and wanted to record something that was spoken - well... this software will do just that!

Silence Stalker - automatically records and split tracks by detecting silence.
Timed Recorder - record for a set amount of time to WAV or MP3.
Timed Recorder (within the editor) - record for a set amount of time directly into the editor - then save as whatever format/ sample rate you desire.

USB Playback Recorder - This initiative recorder was developed to solve a common problem when recording old vinyl records (or cassette tapes).

I don't bother to copy and paste more for now, but there is much more!!!:

--- End quote ---

Looks like Cool Edit 2000, except not bought-ought by Adobe and made prohibitively expensive.

Thanks Curt,
I bought one thanks to your post here (but haven't installed it yet).
At that price, and with that license, one only has to find a use for (any part of) it once to make it worthwhile.



MP3 Volume Normalizer, and many others


MP3 Volume Normalizer, and many others-Curt (July 28, 2010, 02:19 PM)
--- End quote ---

It says all the links are broken and that I must be a registered user. Does that mean I have to buy Wave MP3 Pro? Does that mean I have to register my purchase? Does that mean I have to create an account on his website?

How do I take advantage of this offer?


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