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I have been looking for a good media player for Linux. I generally use Foobar, Vlc and Mediamonkey on Windows.

I have tested some apps under Linux and I think I have closed down to these apps.

Jajuk (jukebox)
This is a really nice jukebox.

Banshee (media player, organizer. It can also index movies)

RhythmBox (jukebox)
I use this one when Banshee fails with usb player

General purpose media players
Smplayer (Smplayer can play formats that Vlc fails to play sometimes)

If you want to share others please do expand my humble list.

I formerly used Amarok (KDE) for music, but heck, I can create all kinds of playlists with VLC, and since VLC brings its own codecs with it, it's stupid-easy.

I use VLC for videos on both Windows and Linux, so that wasn't an issue for me.

Finding an audio player that I liked was an issue and I ended up running Skwire's Trout under WINE. (Trout was already my default in Windows)

I posted a review in the Trout thread:

The newest kid in town is, obviously, DeaDBeeF which could perfectly fit your needs as you use foobar2000 anyway. Given that it is an audio player, of course.

I have never found a media player that really made it a 100 %; there always seems to be something not ideal. For half a year I have been running Windows Media Player 11, for MP3s only, and Media Player Classic Homecinema for videos (all but divX). I have purchased a couple of media players, Cowon jetAudio, RealPlayer 11 Plus, WinAmp Pro, QuickTime Pro, but I am never using them. In general, I think "pro" version of various media players have too many features (except for QT!) - well, features I don't want - making them launch and load too slowly, and/or taking up too much screen area, and/or needing too much attention. MPC Homecinema suites me quite good, but doesn't like large memory hungry movies. Yet, it hasn't been updated since 28-Aug/2009. So actually I still want to find a media player!


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