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DCUpdater redundancy

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This scenario has occurred many times and is quite frustrating:

1. DCUpdater runs and suggests updates. Other stuff going on, no time to respond.

2. A few days later, DCUpdater runs again. All the same updates are suggested, added to the end of the list. Maybe I'm away from home for a few weeks with my computer on remote access. By the time I get home, the list of 10-ish suggested updates has grown to a list of 100 suggested updates, with the same ones being listed again and again and again. Yech.


yes i have been meaning to post that i found this to be the case too, and its a good clue i will try to release a new dcupdater release in the next few days that fixes this; i think it explains the mystery of multiple entries that people posted before that i wasnt able to reproduce before.

Thanks, mouser!

new version should now fix this; not uploaded yet. jd if you can reproduce this bug i'd love to send you a beta to test.

Sorry, mouser I've been unavailable for almost 2 months, but I've now updated and will let you know if the problem recurs. FWIW, after updating FARR to 2.90.02, it now shows "version on web" as 2.90.01. No harm, but seems unnecessarily confusing. Also, for both FARR and (especially) DCU, the online version history (and I presume the help generally) are out of date:


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