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DCUpdater redundancy

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I experience a similar problem, except it doesn't make the items in the list show up more than twice.

What I do is install all DC programs into Program Files\DonationCoder\[ProgramName] and then I've added "Program Files\DonationCoder\" to the list of where to check for updates.

As you can see, I have redundant entries.

DCUpdater redundancy

ok this is important for me to solve this (since i thought i already did!)
can you show me pictures of the bottom panel when you click on the 2 duplicate entries for an item? (ie show me the bottom panel when you click on the first two entries in your list) -- i'm trying to see where it shows the update file located.

They're the same.

and now the file question, if you do Help -> About from DcUpdater, what version does it report?

v1.27.02 by DonationCoder
--- End quote ---


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