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Freeware Online World Radio that Works


Wanna listen to online radio stations? No need to keep browser open with a radio toolbar or a popup window, just select your radio station from Online World Radio and let your computer get unlimited and non stop radio channels from internet for free. Online TV Channels are sort of unreliable and may not work every time except for nasa and other tv channels. Although Radio Channels are sort of reliable and work around 90% of the time. The Radio Channels are broadcasted from independent vendors and rely on advertisements in radio channel to get money to keep the radio channel going.

Download the Radio Software and let the music play whenever you want. Configuralble option allow to use hokeys to start or stop radio channels. Sharing the Software / website on facebook or any other social networking channel can be your way of saying that yes you do like the software and share this finding with your friends and help us keep the software as freeware.

I went looking for such a program a while ago, and look forward to trying this one and giving some feedback.  :up:

After quick testing, I guess my main issue with the program is the selection of radio stations -- i think i really would like to find a very large selection of stations, primarily news stations.

-good looking program. And a fair asking price, I must price: $5!

I have been using the free Screamer Radio for a couple2 of years and am quite happy with it. It is no longer updated, but except for the layout of the auto-naming of recorded files, I don't want it to change. The auto-naming config' would be fine if it was the news, I was recording, but it isn't. Screamer is a music radio only.


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