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not starting minimized


Hey mouser,

I'm using the new version of CH+S and have checked the boxes for it to start with windows and to start minimized.

However whenever I start windows CH+S starts but it starts un-minimized, also when I view the options both the start with windows and start minimized boxes are unchecked.

Any ideas what the problem could be???

so this is new behavior with this version? i really didn't change anything but it sounds like its not finding or saving its settings.  try this, change the settings as you want them (start with windows and start minimized), and then fully exit the program (i.e. choose exit from the tray menu).  then restart.  see if your settings are saved, if so, restart windows and see if it works now.  if settings arent saved, it could be directory persmissions.

That seems to work mouser, after closing the program from the tray the settings got saved.

Must be something like windows is ending the program before it could write the file I guess (you will probably know more than I do about things like that :))

YEP.  my screenshot captor program had exact same problem; i will fix it.


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