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IDEA: time calculator

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this is perhaps more of a plea for someone to kindly tell me of a program that already does this...

quite simply: a calculator with the usual basic functions but it works upon TIME format input, i.e. you can add 01h 33m 11s to 00h 56m 28s and obtain the result in a similar time output display.

i've had a look around and found 'time calculator pro' but it's not freeware - okay it's cheap - but i would have thought this kind of program would be a freeware thing somewhere.

of course, anyone willing to code it up from scratch would be my hero.

there are quite a few of these already, and they are indeed very useful.
can't remember any names though..  maybe snapfiles freeware search or nonags freeware will turn up something.
see the links page for links:

my initial searches on 'nonags' and 'google' for the search term 'time calculator' didn't really come up with a great deal of useful matches, so i gave up  :(

thankfully your encouragement made me search 'freshmeat' and up popped 'HMScalc' it's java but it looks good to me.

that's all i can find though, am i sufferring from 'selective search result blindness' or are there really no others. there seem to be plenty of little calculators that operate on different dates - just not time.

ah i didnt read closely enough, i guess most of the apps i know are date calculators rather than time calculators..
but it looks like you found a nice one.  let us know if it turns out to be missing any key features.


(Hopefully at least the advanced time calculator above does what you need it to do.)

This is why I suggested for the links page--it's really helpful.


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