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Mini-Review and Discount (Sep 2010): USB Safely Remove and Zentimo

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Antivirus programs tend to stop working (or at least become worthless) if you don't renew; which is why i would ignore any special offers of "a free year" of any such program.
-mouser (September 06, 2010, 12:48 PM)
--- End quote ---

It is quite easy to have reasonable shareware anti-virus programs for free for the rest of your life, if only you would bother to check out sites like giveawayoftheday each day. They all fight to give you "a free year", year after year.

The hiding of multiple (unused) drive letters is intriguing.  I have a U3 USB key which won't function since a "multi-reader" was installed. I only use 2 of the 9 possible multi-reader slots, so the ability to release the other 7 would be great and would allow my U3 key to work again.

My question is... are those drive letters "released" or simply hidden?

Zentimo "Lifetime License" is available again ... at least for the moment

Hello folks,

After Zentimo's initial beta release around the beginning of 2010 at some point Lifetime Licensing became available to purchase but in a low key move "Lifetime Licensing (which included major upgrades as well as the usual minor updates" was removed from the purchase options around the end of August 2010.

From then on the vendor chose to offer either 1 or 2 year subscription models at varying prices depending on if you also owned a USB Safely Remove license.

Why would you own both? probably because you has already purchased a license of USB Safely Remove license which has been around for a number of years and has just released v5.0 (although the vendor advises against installing or perhaps that should read running both USB Safely Remove & Zentimo at the same time on your PC).

Now as you might find in the Zentimo website blog and elsewhere, there has been much aggravation and many user emails complaining to the vendor about the withdrawal or nonavailability of "Lifetime Licensing" and the vendor has got a little hot under the collar at times in responce with various responces, but stuck to their guns only making 1 or 2 year purchase options available.

Well by pure chance on Feb. 10, 2012, I discovered that the Lifetime License option has been restored,  and so i contacted the vendor to ask if this change of policy was for a brief period or restored for all time (as there is a 30%OFF promotion running until Feb. 17, 2012) and the reply said the "L.L." had been restored late last year (2011) and the current thinking was it would be made permanent, BUT no guarantee it would be available for ever more.

(which to my mind says one thing, forget about what you might have paid for a 1 or 2 year license and buy the Lifetime License NOW.)

I thought it was worth advising DonationCoder's of the change of policy as many people either own a Zentimo "purchased license" or a "freebie not-upgradable license" made available through Giveawayoftheday dot com largely because you couldn't buy a Lifetime License.

So currently, if you meet the correct requirements to upgrade or renew your Zentimo License (which are on the Zentimo purchase page), then contact the vendor and they will likely send you a discounted (- personalised?,) license upgrade voucher.

Hope this helps someone

-... and this coming the day AFTER we all purchased a USBSR lifetime key on Bits du Jour...

There's not much difference between USBSR and Zentimo IMO (

They gave Zentimo away for free some week ago ( Missed that. Well, they had free giveaway of USBSR and Zentimo all the time, I'm sure there'll be another giveaway.


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