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I Need, I Pay

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Here's the deal, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I would like to commission someone to create an internet search "delegator" - a search spider that can interact and command the other search engines of the WWW (Google, Yahoo, etc, etc) to search all databases in the entire WWW using keywords input to the delegator, and come up with an "answer".

To better explain, though it's difficult:-

You write a program that orders other people's search engines to do our search work (whatever that work is). Most internet databases have a search function built in - libraries, museums, universities, governments. So you write a spider that finds their search engines, inputs your keywords, and asks them to search. This way, we harness the power of thousands of engines, working in unison, for our purposes. Kind of like parallel processing, or a kind of metasystem.

I appreciate that coding a search spider may be a menial task, depending on one's expertise and experience. But, like everything else, it's only easy if you know how to do it !

So, I'd be quite willing to pay someone to do this for me.

I guess the questions are.....who will do it ? How do I determine who to pay if more than one person does the job ? Should I run a competition and pay the winner ? Who will judge ? How much would be a reasonable payment ?

Your thoughts and ideas would be appreciated.

1) It will be very expensive to do what you want
2) If the site takes off your connections with the other search engines will begin to fail.  Other search engines have strict rules against scraping their data and the correct channels to use their data (through an API) have daily limits.

So you need to ask yourself why you would be doing this.  If its just for your personal use then are you willing to pay the hefty cost for the project, if its for the 'public' then understand it will fail at some point and there will be nothing for you to do to get it to work.

Try Copernic Agent.

To locate someone, using a competition, go to Sitepoint Marketplace or Rent-A-Coder.

Best of luck.

Try Copernic Agent.
-app103 (July 16, 2010, 11:16 AM)
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That will work for personal use but not if this will be a public website - Google, and others, will block if they feel there data is being scraped for redistribution on a website.


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