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Tidy Favorites Online

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I'm Director/UI Developer and owner of Tidy Favorites Online.

I want to tell you about our solution of a Favorites problem.
feedback very welcome, even negative  :D

It has following advantages:
- Online storage (never lost your favorites)
- Same favorites on every device (PC, MacOS, iPhone, iPad)
- Visual bookmarks
- Access Everywhere
- Search in Favorites

More detail in the video tour

Solution page -

Best regards, Dennis Nazarenko

Welcome to the site Dennis, looks like a very cool idea to me.

 I don't want to respond negatively, so please don't take it that way. However, I don't really see the big difference between this and Delicious, Diigo, etc. other than it doesn't have the option to share socially. Since I don't use them socially anyway (though I guess my links are aggregated - whatever), I see this as effectively the same.  Of course I am moving further and further away from using bookmarks at all, but that is another issue.  Perhaps this has been addressed in the video, but since that is locked from me, I can't see it.  Can you please explain how you differentiate your product? 

One thing that I could see your service offering that would be superior to the others is automated link checking to verify good links.  I haven't used my Delicious account in a couple years, and only access my Diigo rarely, so they may offer this now as well; but when I did use them, I can tell you this was the biggest pain point with online options.


1. Non social. Your bookmarks is private
2. Visual thumbnails

You may check demo -

I've always liked this guy's ideas for software.  i was looking for start menu organizer a while back, and I ran into his program Tidy Start Menu.  I didn't buy it (sorry!) but it was the best start menu organizer that I came across.  He has a good ideas and I like how he keeps it simple and practical, without a bunch of bubbly nonsense.

I also find it hilarious that he keeps using that same picture for all his avatars, contact info...I immediately recognized it when I saw this post!


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