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We're a small team of editors who like to download, install, test and then write the following things for the the most "famous" software which we consider useful for everyone:

- write reviews;

- create tutorials;

- create few polls;

- create few frequently asked questions;

- write articles;

- take interviews to software publishers.

If you want to recommend us the next software to start with please write the software by replying to this topic.

Our motto is :

"Making your software famous has never been easier!"

All the things above are FREE OF COST!

thanks for the link adi-barb - and the work !

Welcome  :Thmbsup:

It is our pleasure!

We will now review all the applications from NANY 2010!

what goes for programs being "useful for everyone",
you may find some better solutions if you begin at:

But Thank You for the initiative, and good luck with your site!


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