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Flicks that struck you as odd or different in a good way?

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The Prince of Pennsylvania.
This one and River's Edge are the only Keanu Reeves films I can stomach (well, ok, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure wedges in there somehow as well...) but this one keeps more in line with the topic.
Rupert Marshetta (Keanu Reeves) doesn't want to follow in his father's coal-mining footsteps so he and his lover Carla kidnap Rupert's father to gain access to the family money. The plan backfires when nobody in the family wants his father back. They find out that his father has already sold the land without the knowledge of his family. The police track Rupert and his father to the mine, where he had planned to blow up the portable toilet where he thinks his father has hidden the money.
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I always chuckle at the scene where Rupert's father tries to get him to drink the coffee Rupert has previously drugged.

The Big Lebowski

so much has been said about this movie that i'll only add two more words - watch it. :-))

The Prince of Pennsylvania.

-Edvard (July 16, 2010, 01:50 AM)
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Wow!! That's a strange one alright.  Seems like ever since Woodstock, focusing on the Port-O-San is, er, stock footage, for flicks.  Strange.  :)

Just about any film associated with this guy is weird:

Sonatine, Hana-bi and A Scene at the Sea are interesting.  And of course Battle Royale.. many others.

It's kind of an oldie but will always remain one of my favorites. The flick is Harold and Maude.  Ruth Gordon was SO Ruth Gordon. I felt and believed every word she said. She showed that love really can exist for us oldies, and that love is so much more intricate than the youngsters would ever believe. A charming heartfelt classic and, no, it's not just a "Chick" flick - it's a sensitive loving "any" person flick.


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