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Flicks that struck you as odd or different in a good way?

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The most amusing flick I've seen in awhile is District 9

Marrying the boss's daughter does have its perils.

1964 : I and another guy were Assistant Manager Trainees.  I became an Assistant Manager.  He married the chairman of The Board's  daughter and became a VP

Ahh   the perils  .......

Well, let's see:

Millions - Really odd how the kid sees "Saints" who don't seem very saintly to me. But really a heartwarming story.
K-PAX - The story of a psychologist and his patient who says he's from another planet called K-PAX. Is he really or is it a psychological disorder?
Martian Child - A story about a troubled orphan who says he's from Mars and the sci-fi author who adopts him. Another heartwarming story.
The Fountain - A story about the fountain of youth/tree of life. There are three time periods in this movie. The question I have is, what really happened? What parts are real and what parts are fantasy? I'm pretty sure the "past" is just a book she wrote. But is the futuristic stuff really the future of the main storyline (approx. present-day), or just weird trippy stuff added for visual effects/drama?
Speed Racer - I just saw this one a few weeks ago for the first time. It's a live action movie based on the old anime (back when anime was still known as Japanimation) series. This is a film where (if you're a deep thinker about movies, like me) you just have to let go and realize it's campy and cheesy on purpose as an homage and in satire of the cartoon. Very colorful, very wild and fun, with plenty of humor, racing action, and even a decent story. IMO, this is a group movie. That is, the more people watching it, the more fun it is to see.

I loved District 9! Loved the grittiness and realism... not often seen in this genre.

I remember being blown away the first time I viewed The Usual Suspects, the last scene gave me goosebumps then.

Another movie that had a big impact on me... possibly the creepiest flick I've seen after The Exorcist (and it doesn't even fall into the horror genre) is David Lynch's Mulholland Dr.

Emma Morales:
The most amusing flick I've seen in awhile is District 9

Marrying the boss's daughter does have its perils.

-MilesAhead (July 14, 2010, 07:18 PM)
--- End quote ---

Ou yeah, specially if daddy is some kind of capo di tutti capi :D

Btw, District 9 is great! Great photography, good acting and great special effects.
But somehow I expect that UFO, which fly over few galaxy, would be harder to destroy with simple normal rocket  :) 


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