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Learning from Cats -- My New Strategy for Dealing with Things I Don't Understand

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I remember when you can beat the living crap out of a dial phone...-zridling
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I remember doing this with the valve TV...
-Target (August 02, 2010, 09:46 PM)
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Didn't work with my cat's-whisker wireless — explain that if you can!

maybe i don't know enough cats
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Trust me, there is nothing unreal[istic] about the media presented.  Raised ~13 cats, just lost Baby Daughter & her cat, Malibu, to PA.  You don't own cats, they own you - and some of 'em are less than reticent about saying so  ;D.  They also can get pretty physical about exercising their domain  :o.

Edit:  kinda like customers  :tellme:.

Absolutely hilarious! Oh how I love cats. Wish I could have one now (rental restrictions). *sigh*

- Oshyan

hahaha that's so funny! I like it


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