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hooeey webprint - browser history tool


I've finally come across a really interesting app made specifically to maintain a (plain text) searchable database of your browsing history. I think it deserves an indepth review, so if someone can find the time to write one after using it for a while that'd be great.  :-[

Here's a quick rundown of the main points. I am not affiliated in any way with this product.

* hooeey webprint (still in beta)
* Adobe Air app (which, for me, equates to a somewhat annoying UI)
* Works with IE and Firefox
* Records plaintext (html) and screenshots (just the visible part of the page, screenshot recording can be disabled)
* Realtime recording worked well for all the pages I opened within the browser, when I opened ~20 pages using a bookmark manager (Linkman Lite) however, the opened pages didn't show up in the catalog immediately... they did show up one by one as I activated those tabs in the browser.
* Auto-tags pages and also lets you tag saved pages manually - creates two separate tag clouds for auto & custom tags.
* Provides stats using charts (websites by time spent, websites by visits)
* Data is stored locally. The privacy policy seems acceptable to my untrained eye.
* Data can be exported locally (plaintext (.csv) export only, no thumbs, no stats), to their paid ($5/month) cloud service, or to 3rd party cloud services - Zoho, Google Docs, Amazon S3 - (no thumbs, "no browsed pages" <- I'm not clear about what they mean by this.)
* Password protection available for the local database - the thumbs for browsed webpages show up as a faded background when you're prompted for the password *serious eyerolling*, I assume a glaring flaw like this will be brought to their notice and fixed in a future version.
* Allows for blocklists to disable recording specific sites, wildcards and keyword filters, currently not implemented, would be welcome here.
* Performance: Doesn't seem to have any noticeable effect on system or browsing performance. Currently using a little under 100 MB memory on my system with a similar no. of pages (with screenshots) stored.

thanks for posting this, nosh! this looks a promising idea but the Adobe Air requirement bothers me a bit. maybe one of these days, i'll give it a try.


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