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Problem with the program: tray tool not running.

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first, thank you for being so patient to test and report and not getting too frustrated.

the fact that the list is empty tells me that the program is not seeing a list of running processes.  i need to add something that detects this scenario and at least reports to the user that this means there is a problem.

assuming that you read that other thread about disabled services that can cause this, and have ruled out the possibility that you have run some system tweaker that has disabled this process management service.. it could be an issue with not running with administration privileges.  can you try exiting the tray program completely and trying to run it as an administrator? (right click and choose from there i think).

this weekend i will do more experimenting on a win7 x64 machine and see if i notice anything.

I've just figured it out. BlackAle in that other thread said him uninstalling performance monitoring caused his problem. I remembered that I recently used JV16 powers tools's performance tweaks, one of which was disabling performance monitoring.

After re-enabling it the program now works like charm.

Thanks for help Mouser.


thanks for persisting -- that makes sense.  :up:


-legendcvb (August 08, 2010, 10:45 AM)
--- End quote ---

Fried babelfish translation:

Some antivirus software manslaughter. Chinese-made anti-virus software Duba on manslaughter.
--- End quote ---

I am not sure if he is trying to say that some antivirus software interferes with Process Tamer, or that antivirus software is a killer on the system without Process Tamer.


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