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Problem with the program: tray tool not running.

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I am using win7 64bit. I have noticed that sometimes the program says tray tool not running, but when I double click text that should start it nothing happens.

Any ideas?


hi faceless,

it *should* work -- there should be no problem running it on win7 x64.. some people have posted about it here:

it can sometimes happen if some other tool has disabled a service.

I've checked task manager, in the running processes section it lists processtamertray.exe as running. It just doesn't seem to detect it.

if you right-click on the tray icon and choose "configure", and then you go to the "Processes" tab, and uncheck the checkbox at bottom that says "Hide < 1% Normal CPU", does it show a list of running processes? or is the list empty?

The list remains empty.

But when I launch it, for a second, the "not running" text says "running" (in case that's important).


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