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Dell knowingly shipped millions of defective computers?

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My only suggestion for a laptop is buy a business model.  I don't care what vendor you chose (I am partial to HP, myself, but any are reasonably good), but if you choose a consumer model right now, that is what you will get - a consumable consumer model.  The business models don't generally have the higher video cards (though they are often an option) but all the other hardware is of significantly better quality as is the support and warranty.  Actually, give it several months and the fallout from this may make Dell's business laptops a steal (since so many will shy away from them).  Just make sure the manufacture date is after June 2010....

My current job uses Lenovo and I haven't been very impressed with their reliability so far.  It makes me wish we had some Dell PCs here...
-darklight_tr (July 06, 2010, 08:50 AM)
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IMHO, it is up to the IT director to figure out what they will be using.  If you are looking for a certain configuration find the best off-lease at least one generation back.  The companies that overspend on their technology encourage companies like Dell to empower Intel and tell us how much "cutting-edge" technology we need and at what price.

Once we use multiple vendors for product specific items we will greatly decrease this ignorance to fault capacitors.  It is like the new GM collapse.  Rubycon, Panasonic, and Nichicon will become standard practice, even if they have to buy up their competitors and take over the plants that make their designs but with seriously inferior standards.


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