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Buzz Folders - Open/Save Dialog Box Extender ( + Free Version )

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I've now added a function similar to the one you described, in which the last opened/saved file is automatically selected. It won't be the default action, but you will be able to set it as an option or use a hotkey to trigger it.

It's not ready yet. There's still some fine-tuning and tweaking to be done, but expect it to appear in an upcoming release.

{edit} And this feature is already proving surprisingly useful! I should have added it ages ago.  :) Your suggestion gets a big thumbs up.  :Thmbsup:

Nice to see some stuff done in AutoIt3.   :Thmbsup:

I'm just trying out the free version now.  One thing I do notice, if you click on Remove Missing Links before you've done anything with the program, it pops up an error message(mentions AutoIt3 in the MsgBox.)

I tried it after doing a couple of saves and it popped up a progress bar. I guess it doesn't like to be run dry.  If I had to make a wild guess I'd look for an array that's checked for the number of entries but hasn't yet been dimed since it prolly gets initialized in the open/save dialog calls.  That used to always burn me with _Singleton() :)

Looks interesting though.  I'll try it out for a bit.

Hmmmmm, I noticed some side effects with RocketDock.  I have a shortcut to my download folder.  It was in the (Buzz) list.  I did Control Click to quick download from my browser.  After that when I clicked on the download folder shortcut in RocketDock it asked me what program to use to open it. The folder shortcut right next to it in RocketDock still worked.  I have to assume it's a side effect from the Buzz utility running.

I don't think I've ever tried a utility that added gizmos to the Explorer window that didn't have some unpleasant side-effect that prompted me to remove it.

Hi MilesAhead,

Thanks for the bug report.  :)
The "Remove Missing Links" bug is fixed as of Version 11.20. Update appearing soon.

I'm not familiar with RocketDock but I'll check it out when I get a chance.

It's good to know you've got great taste in music!

Looks like a interesting program but I can't install the latest free version on Win7/64 and do get a "install failed #101" error message.  I am running the installer as administrator.   ???


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