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Kiosk mode booboo

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Let me do some homework tonight, and see what I come up with  8)

I have just checked and Kiosk Mode removal is working just fine. You absolutely must enter the password exactly as you did to enter Kiosk Mode: passwords are case-sensitive and all characters are significant, including leading and trailing spaces.

The Config.ini file is created by the installation program and is read by Circle Dock only if it is a fresh installation: Circle Dock stores its configuration information in a securely-encrypted XML file which may or may not be located in the System\Settings folder. Deleting Config.ini will have no effect on Kiosk Mode.


archon . . i new about the startup script when i first installed it . . lol  . . and i have done 4 fresh installs each time i put into kiosk mode . . put my pass in and then cant get back in . .btw guys jsut a lil background on me, i am a technology specialist that works for a company called freedomtec . ., so tourbleshooting is one of my main jobs  . . all i have to say is this program gives me a headache . .BUT I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH  . . BTW, the majority of times when i start my circle docks up i get this error  . . Current domain unhandled exception. . . . .its startign to get really annoying pretty much everytime i start an instance of circle dock i gotta go through this error 2 or 3 times.

Are you using the same password for each instance or different passwords????

same password


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