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Kiosk mode booboo

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hey guys aprently i typed in my password wrong when initializing kiosk mode . . .now i cant get it out of kiosk mode cause it wont take my password lol . . is there anyway to undo kiosk mode through the xml files or do i gotta reinstall?   i feel like such a nub

Archon of Fate:
it might be in the config.ini file in the settings folder... other than that i'd save the config file and move it to a fresh install... that might help  :-[

lol DOH

ok now i know somethigns buggy is going on her elol . .i completly reinstalled all my instances of circle docks and with the numerous cannot launch cause of domain exception or whatever it says, i put one into kiosk mode and typed my password . . didnt work when i tried to unlock it . .figured ok maybe i did something wrong . .so i tried the second instance i have running . . i made sure to type each letter in one buy one and there was no caps lock and no special chars and no numbers i put a dumb password it was "doodle" without quotations of course . .i went to go unlock it and typed in doodle perfectly and it says password invalid . . i did this 4 times and no go . . now i have to einstall again.

Archon of Fate:
that sucks  :(

I'll be honest in saying I have no idea now.... i'd wait for either Sarge or Markham to respond on this.
it'll be safe to assume then that all attempts with working with the config file failed miserably? hmmm... Completely stumped now  :o

only suggestion now from me is to start over... had to do this a few times too, but in the end got the program to work...
starting multiple instances is kinda weird... you dont want to start each one at the same time. you got to do it in an order, like start first one once loaded start another and so forth..

I did make a bat file that will execute each instance of cd in turn, this may solve your startup errors it did for me about 90% of the time

here's the code...

timeout 10
start C:\"Circle Dock4"\"CircleDock.exe"
timeout 20
start C:\"Circle Dock3"\"CircleDock.exe"
timeout 20
start C:\"Circle Dock2"\"CircleDock.exe"
timeout 20
start C:\"Circle Dock1"\"CircleDock.exe"


use this code in a txt file and save it with the extension .bat and it should work... you'll have to change each file to your cd locations

hope that helps  :D

as for the password error I got no idea, sorry  :(


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