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Apple, you win: we're pulling out of the App Store (Appsfire)


Here's today's anti-Apple story ending by Appsfire founder Ouriel Ohayon, who effectively accuses Apple of not approving its latest update because Apple wants to keep discoverability to itself:


Well at least we know where developers stand with Apple (under their feet). Still, I really don't want AOL, Microsoft, Apple, Google, AT&T, or [name your corporation] controlling access. I'm thinking back to that 1984 Macintosh commercial and what a lie it is now. I'm sure if Steve Jobs watched the commercial now, he'd say: "Whatever."

Shame that after the title it just reads as an empty threat...Meanwhile, and until we get approved, we'll be considering out-of-store alternatives, or until we get any sort of professional & constructive discussion going.
Note to our many users: we know many of you are waiting for our new version. We're confident things will change sooner or later.
[From Comments]
we have not removed AppsFire v2. from the waiting position in review.
We have removed our current Appsfire v1.0 which we believe is not serving our cause well.
--- End quote ---
If they're going to pull out of the App Store then do it already, but it sure sounds like they're just making a threat to get some attention in the hopes that Apple will then respond to quench the fires. ::)

^If they're Apple Developers, they know very well that Apple rarely responds to criticism -and does not respond to threats at all. Especially from their 'partners.'

Besides, how can you possibly shame something ad shameless as Apple and Steve Jobs? Their only response to criticism (when they respond at all) has been to play the victim and accuse their critics of "not getting it." Translated into English, that means "you're stupid."

But most times they don't even do that much. Apple's usual responses are character assasination, sarcasm, and snide remarks intended to amuse their fanboys.  

I think the posting was just a statement of genuine frustration and an attempt to keep their customers updated on why the new version has been stalled.  

But how ironic is it that you have an "App Store" where you market tens of thousands of apps, yet you don't want an app within that will help you buy more apps! There can be no good reason except "LULZ" and "You've been punked."

And to cap it all, they've now more or less rendered every existing iPhone unusable with their new OS4 simply to get existing users to update to the iPhone 4.

If anyone is using an iPhone and hasn't gone to OS4 yet - DON'T BOTHER!!!!!


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