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extremely good gif editor required

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i'm just in the process of doing the shaded version of 'cody' and i've realised that photoshop and fireworks aren't that amazing for editing gif images.

i want to be able to design the image using a large colour palet so i can shade thing nicely and then export to gif and select exactly which colours i can sacrifice.

in other words, whilst in the gif export mode, i want to be able to add and delete swatches into the colour table so that i can keep good shaded gradients. photoshop sort of allows this but it appears to require way too much right clicking and selecting swatches and just plain old guessing of what to add or remove.

does anyone know of a gif editor that will provide me with better editing than what i've stated above?

another way to ask this is that you don't nescesarily need a good gif *EDITOR* right?  A good image converter with advanced tools for color reduction might also suffice?

some finds:

true, "editor" was too strong a word - i'll check the links out - thanks.

Xara Xtreme is awesome, total control over palettes and such -- though I prefer my exports as PNG's ;)

Worth looking at is Graphics Gale, as well --   It's geared toward pixel by pixel art for video game devs who need to zoom in on the grid -- I'd imagine pixel art people would need total palette control, so that might be worth looking at.

In the free version you can't save/open gifs . . . however you can copy/paste them in/out ;)


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