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7 inch touchscreen

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OK back up and running but i dont dare restart my PC till i figure this out . . i uninstalled the drivers i downloaded and installed the ones off the CD that acme with it . when i uninstalled them initially because they werent working on startup well the touchscreen part but i wanted to reinstall completly, pretty much all of my shortcuts were missing from my start menu (i know right????) nothing i woudl do would let me my start menu shortcuts within my startmenu . . nothign was showing up when i searched either . . i tired a system rester, witch igot a BSOD, fun times . . . thank goodness for my 4tb windows home server that backs up everything via network . . so i popped my Restore thumb drive in and pulled my image off the server and restored . . got everything back up and running and installed off the CD this time. . . gonna mess with it more tommorow . .if anyone else gets a mimo touchscreen let me know if you have these problems

Also something to keep in mind is that it appears that the drivers and software are all 32bit.
Though they claim this should not be an issue, it may create a few.

--- End quote ---

lol when you download the windows 7 64bit drivers its labeld windows 7 BETA.exe   might take a lil while for full support.

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