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7 inch touchscreen

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Thanks once again to cranioscopical for the additional donation  :-* :-* :-*

We area now at  $255.00 of $330 Minimum requirement
That leaves us $75.00 Minimum to go

I am left biting my nails  :-[

Great thank to nudone for the the excellent donation  :Thmbsup:

We are now at $260.00 of $330.00 minimum
That leaves us approximately $70.00 minimum to go   ;D

We are so close  :tellme:

Thanks goes out to cjseymour for a more than generous donation

We are now at $280.00 of the $330.00 minimum needed
That leaves $50.00 minimum to go  ;D

We just may make this one  ;D

Archon of Fate:
Gave $10, have fun with those monitors :D

Thanks goes out to Archon of Fate
Who already does a ton of goodies for Circle Dock  :Thmbsup:

We are now at $289.41 of $330.00 minimum
This leaves us with $40.59 minimum to go  ;D


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