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7 inch touchscreen

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Thanks to christofarian for doing everything he can  :Thmbsup:

We are now at $245.00 of $330 Minimum requirement
That leaves us $85.00 Minimum to go   :-*

I'm using a samsung Q1 7 inch touchscreen computer with circle dock. It's pretty nice so far.
With a little work, a touchscreen with circle dock could work like this:

Tell me that isn't a dreamy thought! The few things you'd need really are animated dock backgrounds, the option to cluster icons a certain direction instead of them spreading out as far as possible, Folder expand and contract when pulled away from and towards the center button respectively, and rotating icons by grab and drag.

Ultimately, you'd have a pretty bad ass dock that blows the competition out of the water.

Greetings chapmanbobby
Welcome to Circle Dock and Donationcoder. It is good to have you here  ;D

That video is pretty slick  ;)
I am curious as to how much of Circle Dock would have to change in order to accommodate something similar.

I fear there is more than what you have outlined from a coding perspective, but you are correct; this would be a Kick A$$ dock adaption(s) for Circle Dock  :Thmbsup:

I could imagine the process would be pretty complex. Even the grab and drag alone for icons could really make a HUGE difference on a touch screen machine. Here's my setup:

Docked to the side I can scroll through my apps. It's usable as is on the Q1 as the up and down arrows let me rotate the wheel. But an intuitive smooth scrolling wheel of applications is just what a good touchscreen machine needs.  :D

Okie doke....

we start the day with $245.00 of $330 Minimum requirement
That leaves us $85.00 Minimum to go

Let's see if we can pull this off  :-*


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