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7 inch touchscreen

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how do i donate . .
-christofarian (June 30, 2010, 05:29 PM)
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There are actually a few ways  8)

First you must ensure that you have Credits to donate through

One way; is simply click the Yellow coin with the dollar symbol next below and individuals avatar

Other ways and full information can be obtained here:;u=186582;sa=donationcredits;detail=about

Apparently I am handling the money pool on this drive, so Donations can be made directly to me.

Let me know if you need a play by play, I can work up a full tutorial in a few minutes  ;)

Archon of Fate:
Don't mean to jump in on this conversation but... I might need a tut... lol  :-[  :P

Ok i figured out what my problem was with my mimo 6720-s touchscreen not having its touchscreen capabilities when i restarted my PC. . . .

aprently i was correct in thinking that Dual video cards would bug this monitor out. as you saw in my video i have my flatscreen LCD TV hooked up via HDMI into my PC . . when i first installed it and had all three original monitors initiated everything worked fine . .but when i restarted my touchscreencapabilities would go away. (not really, ill explain)
Well after much tinkering i found out that the touch screen capabilities werent going away but now when i touched my mimo monitor i saw the mouse moving on my TV lol . .as soon as i disconnected the TV from my PC via the screen resolution option in windows & everything worked fine and iw as able to touch my Mimo and it worked perfectly fine . .

this really isnt a problem for me now that i know what was causeing it . .i mean my TV is only on the computer setting when im watching a movie . . i mean how much touching can you do while watching a movie lol . .

i mean how much touching can you do while watching a movie lol . .
-christofarian (June 30, 2010, 08:04 PM)
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Depends who's sitting next to you ;)

Depends who's sitting next to you
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i want sgt to sit next to me hes got all the money aprently lol  . .totally kidding sgt


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